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Votive Wick Pin

Use these wick pins in the votive moulds. Place the wick pins in the votive moulds before wax pour to leave a hole in your finished candle for wick insertion when the candle is set. Made by Chandler Grey these are top quality and fit perfectly inside the mould.

Votive Wick Pin

Candle Wick Pins

These wick pins are very useful when you make pillar or container candles for holding your wick straight and central at the top of your mould or glass. 105mm long. Available in Blue

Candle Wick Pins

15mm Standard Sustainer

Crimp these sustainers to the base of your wick to hold the wick in place in pillar, container, and tealight candles. Very easy to fit by crimping with pliers. 15mm base with 3.6mm high neck, 2.4mm diameter neck hole

15mm Wick Tab

15mm Wide Neck Sustainer

This wick tab sustainer has the same diameter and neck height as the standard 15mm wick sustainer but it has a wider diameter neck so it will fit the larger wick sizes. 15mm base with 3.6mm high neck, 3mm diameter neck hole.

Wide Neck 15mm Wick Tab

15mm Long Neck Sustainer

These wick tabs have a 6mm neck and are used if you want the candle wick to extinguish safely leaving a little wax. This does not replace the need for a suitable container or base. 15mm base with 6mm high neck, 2.4mm diameter neck hole.

Long Neck 15mm Wick Tab

Self Centering Sustainer

Made for use in votive glasses. When you have poured your wax just drop in the wick tabs and wick and it will drop to center. These tabs will only self centre in a standard 50mm votive glass, 3.6mm high neck with 2.4mm diameter neck hole.

Self Centering Tabs