Paraffin Candle Wax

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Chandler Grey® PRO Container Wax

This is a creamy smooth container wax from Chandler Grey. One fill paraffin container wax giving a smooth surface, excellent adhesion to glass, and a low melt point giving a full candle wax melt. Professional fragrance retention and scent throw. Available in slabs.

PRO Container Wax

Chandler Grey® Blended Wax

The Chandler Grey blended wax has all the additives including stearin needed to make votive, pillar, and tealight candles; just add scent and dye if required and pour. This wax leaves a great finish and also has really good burning characteristics and scent throw. Available in beads.

Blended Candle Wax

Chandler Grey® 280P 56°- 58°C Wax

This is a fully refined paraffin wax and unlike the PRO and Blended wax it comes without any additives. This must be one of the best paraffin waxes as it is completely clear when melted and when it is dyed it shows an amazing depth of colour. Burns well too but needs stearin added to be used for moulded candles. Available in beads.

280P Candle Wax

Chandler Grey® 112G Gloss Overdip

A modified wax used as a final dip to improve the finish of a candle. Can help to stop dripping of wax down the side of your candle. Heat to 75-90°C the hotter the wax the thinner the coating, water cooling will enhance the gloss finish. Please note this is not varnish, dye should be used. Available in beads

Gloss Overdip Wax

Chandler Grey® DC1 Dip & Carve

A paraffin wax used to make dip and carve candles, it is more malleable than standard paraffin wax giving the user the ability to carve the candle without splitting the wax. Can you master the art? Available in slabs.

Dip and Carve Wax