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WickWell NT-TL Wick

A self trimming wick for use in our standard tealight cups. This is the perfect wick for use with the Golden Waxes and is equally suited to paraffin waxes. The NT-TL2 is the standard with an option either side for changes in burn due to fragrance oil. The best tealight wick our tester has ever seen. Must be good!

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NT-TL Tealight Wicks

Wedo TL Wick

A self trimming wick for use in tealight cups and small glass container candles. This wick gives a neat small flame and slow wax consumption offering the perfect solution for scented tealight and small container candles.

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TL Tealight Wicks

Wedo ECO 0.5 Wick

The Wedo ECO range of wick will work in natural waxes such as the Golden waxes. The ECO 0.5 is suitable for use in the standard tealight cups and has been pre-waxed using natural wax.

50 x ECO 0.5
ECO 0.5 Tealight Wicks

WickWell NT Wick

The WickWell NT range of wicks are well suited to use with Beeswax and Rapeseed, and with the five wicks available you should find a wick suitable for a Beeswax or Rapeseed tealight candle made in our standard sized tealight cup.

50 x
NT Tealight Wicks